God’s beautiful Creation

Only You

Wow!! What amazing, raw, heartfelt lyrics to this song, ” It’s Always Been You”, by Phil Wickham. Have you felt as though no one understands you? Or that your mistakes are too big to break free? The enemy wants you to give up on being made new and walking with the only One who really … Continue reading Only You


An addition to my “Weeds” post, our hard effort in digging up weeds can be rewarded. You see there are good things under the surface. Dirt and weeds need to be tended and a personal circumstance needs our attention. Good things are possible for those willing to do the work. We can lean into another, … Continue reading Poppies


Hummingbirds are amazing creatures. Did you know they eat small insects, larvae and spiders in addition to their main source of energy nectar? They come in many colors and live 3 – 5 years. Did you know that their heartbeats at 1,260 / min? Amazing!! They fly at a speed of 61 mph. They are … Continue reading Hummingbird

Internet Down?

In this day of internet access, ever had a time when your internet dropped and reconnected so many times your head was spinning? Living in the country has its disadvantages. Another spring thunderstorm with pelting rain and thick clouds can block the satellite dishes. Or is it the Covid remote school and work phenomenon of … Continue reading Internet Down?

About Me

Hi, I’m Mary Mesikapp. On the journey of life, as fellow sojourner; sister, wife, lover of nature, sunsets, mountain drives, and hikes. Mom of 4 (through blessings of open adoption, and our foreign exchange daughter from Brazil), previous Trauma / Emergency room Nurse, former Center Director of a Pregnancy Resource Center, student of the Bible as study leader and mentor.

Jesus Christ is my Lord. I have found the broken cracks on the journey mold and shape me, yet remind me how much I must lean on the God who is the Ultimate in Wisdom. I hope my musings resonate with you.