Only You

Wow!! What amazing, raw, heartfelt lyrics to this song, ” It’s Always Been You”, by Phil Wickham. Have you felt as though no one understands you? Or that your mistakes are too big to break free?

The enemy wants you to give up on being made new and walking with the only One who really knows who you are?

There is a purpose for your precious life. There is a Savior, His Name is Jesus. It is the Name above all other Names, He awaits your voice. Call out to Him! He sees all things, He died knowing every detour and mistake, every joy and circumstance, He wants a relationship with you.

He will not force you into anything. He is patient, loving, and full of mercy. He awaits your active pursuit. Run to Him and be changed.

Thank you Phil Wickham, for being real. It really is refreshing to see a guy be so vulnerable.

Jesus, It always has been You that we can count on, You are for us not against us.

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