He awaits

Photo by Anitha Kapu on Pexels.com

Though the burdens may seem hard to bear,

Our Creator God, Jesus is near reached through prayer.

He waits for us to lay down worries of life, many to be found.

It is not this world we need to live by,

it is the world of eternity.

When life seems quiet and there is discontent.

Remember for whom the Rock is meant. (YOU!)

For every child, He calls to return to His side

No matter how far you may run and hide.

He waits patiently for you to take a stand,

to turn around and join His hand.

His love endures, His tender care awaits,

for that moment when we place

our cares, anxieties, and fears down

at His feet and receive His grace.

Jesus died for the sinner in all of us.

He will guide us to the best future, His plans are best.

Take a stroll with Jesus, hang on tight to Him

Toss the wisdom of the world and at His feet rest.

This poem was initially written in 2002, I edited it slightly, however, it is so relevant to current events,parenting,relationships,and the economy. Our friends, family even our kids are watching what we turn to in our trials. Let it be Jesus.

I hope this insight of poetry encourages. When I keep my eyes focussed on following His steps over my impulsive detours in life I have more peace and wise direction. Sticking close to the Living Water, Jesus provides refreshment, wisdom and more energy.

Psalm 37:23   
The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.
He awaits, the time is now not tomorrow, each of us must make a free will choice to freedom, peace, forgiveness, mercy, and grace. 

Call out to Jesus!

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