It is Well

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The Big C-word (Cancer) has a way of stopping a person in their tracks, your breath stops, your mind is blank and you are standing on the precipice of mortality.

Will cancer be my undoing or will I have faith in God as I tackle the necessary doctor-designed treatments and care? It is an independent reflective time, no one can take the process from you.

How will I be changed? Will my body be forever damaged? Will my emotions, psychological outlook, my spiritual walk be in trusting God or in anger to this potential future?

It is a dichotomy of thoughts. It is life and death in balance. It is knowing family and friends watch your faith in action or your questioning of faith. (It is ok, God understands.)

It is a time to let friends and family help, pray for you, and serve your needs. I am a giver and not the best receiver. However, as I went through this process, I was humbled and felt the love and support of many. God and his people were with me. I am a breast cancer survivor for two years. I reflect on my past and I celebrate the completion of my dear friends’ cancer treatments today. Praise the Lord!

I share this song by Kristene DiMarco today, It is Well. I love her rendition. It flows in such a way you will feel empowered, or should I say Him Powered!!

No matter the trial, choose to hold onto Jesus, It is Well with Him.

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