Septic or Manure

Today was an interesting day. We live in the country with a septic system instead of the standard home plumbing system.

There are times when the frozen winter temperatures cause ice/ paper/toilet garbage to form in the pipes from home to the septic tank buried in our front field. Perhaps, the use of low flow toilets does not always provide enough water to flush contents down and out of the pipes. Maybe it’s the use of too much toilet paper.

Regardless, there are days when the pipes get clogged, the pressure increases and the sinks / toilet overflow into our home.

Are you shoveling manure? photo by Mary Mesikapp

Todays’ septic event provided a disgusting predicament. As I resolved the inner house mess, I pondered our latest relational challenge. It sure does stink. The situation feels a bit much, yet it just needs to be processed and cleaned up. Thank you to my husband the outside septic access was dug up and he cleared the pipes. Glad it was him not me.

Instead of looking at an uncomfortable challenge as a pile of manure, I am seeing an opportunity for a workout. Just as cleaning up the septic mess in my basement was an unplanned detour, I still need to get rid of relational or heart messes.

Slowly but surely, I sopped up the liquids, cleaned up the cement along with the unfinished basement and bathroom area. The sink in the shop was scrubbed. Next, I scrubbed the floors with a bleach cleaner and air dried. The stench disappeared and the area was clean again.

Our hearts can be unclean and filled with bitterness, the stench that can keep people away. The loneliness deepens and love seems an unreachable option.

I can choose pressure and to be filled up with manure or septic garbage, or I can choose to put in the effort necessary to clean up the attitude and my heart mess.

Jesus wants His children to be open to His love, His ways, His plans but we have to clear out the garbage that blocks our hearts and minds.

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right and steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 AMP

No bleach needed, just an open heart and mind so get ready to shine.

Let’s Pray:
Create in me a clean heart, Lord, show me the attitudes, responses and actions that push Jesus, friends or family away. Instead, I want a shiny new heart that is open to blessing, love and filled with encouragement. These character flaws need to go. I want my thoughts to reflect a new life and a greater love that comes from seeking You.

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