Measure of success

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Tim Tebow at a conference shared a story of a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer that took a photo of a young African girl who was sick and unable to move. she seemed alone on the dry, desert ground. A vulture was near awaiting her death. The photographer did not touch her or save the girl as he was told she had a contagious disease, instead he shooed the vulture away and took a photo. Even though this photographer won this prestigious award, his life was lacking, and sadly the photographer committed suicide a few months later.

Success is sharing the good news, the gift of Jesus, and life eternal with Him, loving and serving God’s people, this is a success for the present and future with eternity.

It doesn’t match the world’s view of success, status and wealth are fleeting. Material things can break or whither away, as dust on the wind. The status of audiences on social media; or enough likes will not fill the empty space of insecurity. But only connection with the Father who created us will complete us.

By what audience, do you measure success: the world opinion or the Lord? What brings you significance? Is it eternal or temporary? As parents, we are called to teach the truth in God, and we want to leave this legacy of faith in Jesus alone! It will remain after we die physically. we want to give our children gifts for good not evil, hope over despair, joy over anger /fear, and a future with Jesus!

Significance in what…. Having success is not outward appearance it’s serving Jesus, bowing before Him every morning asking Him where or who you can tell about His message of hope, to love like Jesus without stopping! That is a success by the Lord’s standard, sharing the gift of Christ to guys and girls even if you are afraid to be mocked. (Psalm 23) Fear no one but God. This is a success!!💜

Confess your sins to Jesus, Repent and turn away from them, believe He is your Savior, seek Jesus to full measure, get yourself in the Bible, and ask Him to show you the way to success. Listen for His still voice.

God is the carpenter of your life, He has the measure for success, He is the answer!

5 thoughts on “Measure of success

  1. Success is so many things. In the mental health field it’s an era of life where you are just thriving. For me it’s thriving with God. I think that God is the reason why I thrive. I think that the reason why I am able to have money and to live a good life is because of God. Of course some people think money and possessions is success and to a degree they have a point. But ultimately, our houses, our cars, our money is not going to deliver us from the day of wrath. All of those things count for nothing on our last days because nothing will make us stronger on the last days, nothing will make us whole on the last days, our money can’t prevent us from dying. It’s good to have money, and I think that it is possible to become rich and be Christian, but there are more important things

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  2. There’s nothing I want more than that “well done” from God. At the same time, I also find myself yearning after the things the world would call success, especially owning my own home. In this post, you also nailed the answer as to what to do when confronted with that longing for worldly success. Kneel before God and ask Him what He would have you do.


  3. There’s nothing I want more than to hear that “well done” from God. At the same time, I do long for things of worldly success, especially owning my own home. It’s unclear right now whether home ownership is God’s will for me. I need to do exactly what you’ve advised in this post: each day, kneel and ask God what His will is today. And let Him determine tomorrow. Let Him determine what success looks like.

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